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BEAUTY & YOU INDIA: 2023 The Estée Lauder Companies created BEAUTY&YOU India as a platform to support aspiring entrepreneurs with capital, mentorship, resources and key partners. Giving away over $500K USD in 2024 to help fuel the next generation of Beauty in India. Enlisting Diet Paratha to consult acrossthe first-of-its-kind program that aims to discover, spotlight, and propel the next generation of Indian-focused beauty founders, innovators, and creatives. Over the course of 6 months, we produced a London focussed shoot and used our media platform to help encourage applicants. This eventually lead to a london dinner event to cement the partnership. Which in turn helped the programme see the largest number of applicants to date.

We were also heavily involved in the Mumbai Awards ceremony and planning this side of things. As well as judging the ‘Creative’ category of $100K. Diet Paratha curated the exhibiton space at the awards, which included floor to celing banners taking over the Ice Factory in Mumbai. Curating artsits work from all over the world and south asian diaspora. as well as the phsycial awards.