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ABOUTDiet Paratha has grown from an Instagram account to a leading global network and full-service creative agency. Which has quickly become the home for creating and showcasing the best in projects and talent by talent of South Asian heritage.

Founded by Creative Director Anita Chhiba in 2017, to help platform a new wave of overlooked talent with their own stories to tell.

Media has historically propagated a one-dimensional view for people of South Asian heritage. A view they expected and were comfortable with. We have moved forward now as a race, and as nations. As artists, as pioneers, talent and individuals.

Diet Paratha connects South Asian talent and their stories and skills within industries. Like many other ethnic groups, we are a myriad of complexities. Queer, immigrants, pioneers and settlers. Some of us have faced genocide and some of us are at the bottom of the class system within our own culture - and so much in between. We aim to help platform marginalised and underrepresented South Asian communities and identities. Exploring the often hidden gems, found in our culture’s intersectionalities by bringing these rich narratives into a single platform to spotlight the presence of South Asian talent in global culture. Creating a place to tell our own stories and gain opportunity.