We connect South Asian talent and culturally competent ideas with opportunity and brand

Breaking free from shallow misconceptions around South Asian representation. Diet Paratha is an established resource to discover, access and collaborate with our community. Connecting talent with creatives to craft the new. Connecting talent and creators with industries to explore opportunities. And connecting brands to an untapped global community.

All projects are cast and brought to life with the help of the Diet Paratha online community that are made up of majority South Asian teams. In front of the camera, and behind the scenes.



Enlist us to help with your next creative idea or curation project.


The South Asian diaspora is bursting with talent. Not just as models. As designers, artists and writers. It’s a community of creativity. Of individuals. Include South Asian talent in your next project through our global casting direction service.

 Understanding intersectionality of culture, race and region of identity is essential. We offer culturally competent learning, communication across strategy, collaborations, campaigns and events. Having built a respected community with cultural influence, lean in to our expertise for consulting across any culturally focussed project. Including those projects that fall outside of the South Asian sphere.


End-to-end project prodction across film, photography, social and digital campaigns.