We were asked to bring Diipa Büller-Khosla’sIndē Wild Champi Hair Oil campaign to life. Champi is an Ayurvedic head massage using natural oil that focuses on the chakras located in the head, face, and shoulders 

Many people fondly remember their mothers or grandmothers Champi sessions throughout their childhoods for healthy, long, luscious hair. A special time to bond. So naturally, there was no better scene to set this story on than the palm of her mother, Dr. Sangitha Khosla’s hand. Capturing the closeness of the ritual. Even more fitting since this particular recipe was also concocted by Dr. Sangitha herself. Using the botanicals you see growing from the palm. Which are also the same flowers that grew from her garden growing up in Chennai when she created the recipe over 40 years ago. The product is more than a hair oil, it is their families Ayurvedic wisdom handed down, generation to generation.

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